Posted October 27, 2019 @ 12:23 pm

What should a Courthouse Messenger or Courier mean to you? Though you most likely know what a Court Messenger and Courthouse Courier is and does, as you  probably hired court messengers and couriers previously and are still seeking the services of another or different service provider. Our courier and messenger services are offered nationwide and have been part of the legal profession for twenty three years. Law firms, news organizations, corporations, people, reporters and government agencies rely upon our experience and knowledge of the court files and government offices records to retrieve, copy and send files needed.

As you have experienced, or perhaps not, courthouse couriers and messengers are not the same. Courthouse couriers and messengers offer different fees, personalize special timed services, act differently and many have different and unpredictable ways of handling your urgent and unique request.

The various differences between court couriers and messengers may make planning your objectives and deadlines challenging and even questionable, as no two court messengers or couriers are alike, Most will perform (or not) services I a time frame that is usually inadequate or at minimum very stressfully last minute. Unfortunately, average work and substandard work product has loomed over the courthouse courier and messenger services since the beginning of time. We aim and have put an end to slow or no courier and messenger services and assure retrieval, copy and filing services in a timely manner.

The difference between courthouse couriers and messengers is plain and simple. Court couriers and messengers is mainly an unsophisticated  cottage industry. Most couriers and messengers traveling to and from courthouses are self-employed and work in accordance with their own timing and priorities. Many couriers and messengers, unfortunately, are challenged, at times overwhelmed, by client requests requiring short deadlines and the clerks attitude at the court or office where services are the be performed. It’s a realization that most experienced attorneys and paralegal professionals need a professional couriers and messengers to properly travel to file,  retrieve, copy and scan documents in a manner that you receive what you need in a digital format, Pdf attachment) or if certified copies are required returned to you with tracking and signature required guidelines.

Throughout the past twenty-three years as professional courthouse couriers and messengers we learned cottage industry couriers and messenger serve an important role in the legal support services business yet they are solely responsibility for and contribute to negative experiences, reduced quality of work and inconsistent results.

A.C.E courier and messenger service manager have addressed the issues of court messenger and courier inconsistencies, uneducated and untimely services by creating a formalization manual of procedures, offer continuing education programs and utilize check lists to guide court services as needed. Our management of couriers and messenger in a consistent manner has contributed to a 98% + success rate. Our way of conducting court and office courier and messenger services are consistent, stable and predictable. Our couriers and messengers are not party to the old way of handling court and office services, as most are, but are employed with real time and modern day directives and systems. 

A.C.E. court courier and messenger service managers defeat the notion all court messengers and courthouse couriers are the same. Since 1999 A.C.E. courthouse and office document services are available to assist you by telephone and email on a real time basis. As we say, no worries, we are on it, is a motto we live by and aspire to. We provide peace of mind to our clients. Clients who are familiar with our courthouse and office document delivery services have no worries, we travel and handle court and office matters as promised.

All courthouse couriers and messengers associated with A.C.E. offer same day services, specially planned services and specialize in filing, retrieving, copying, scanning and delivering all types of documents.

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When you are need of stability, consistency and guaranteed results, come to A.C.E. court courier and office messenger service where documents are handled, copied and moved in a timely manner.

A.C.E. courthouse courier and messengers place our clients’ needs ahead of our own. When you hire us, expect excellent follow up and results backed by timely reporting of your particular service.

Thank you for your consideration and please go to our website above or below and see our offers and why we aim to assist you to success.