Courthouse Document Messenger Services. We pick up, deliver, retrieve, copy and obtain certified court documents fast.

Welcome to the A.C.E. Inc. courthouse document messenger services. Our messenger services can be depended upon for timely filings, retrieval, copy, delivery of court records. This website was created for law firms, attorneys, paralegal professionals and corporate counsel seeking professional courthouse services.

You can depend upon us for all of your court document messenger needs. Our court case file managers have been engaged in the court file retrieval, copying and scanning business for twenty-five years. A.C.E. court experts consist of a proud team of messengers, runners, investigators, researchers, copiers, scanners and expeditors who perform legal support services within most state and Federal jurisdictions in the United States. Our court document case messenger managers are expediting specialists who provide experienced and skilled services. Our diversified experiences and dedication to client satisfaction guarantees your request will be handled and performed by an experienced A.C.E. team member or affiliate.

A.C.E. courthouse document messengers travel extensively and are equipped to deliver, retrieve, copy, certify, and scan court records or legal documents within a short period of time. All courthouse messenger services are performed and monitored by a minimum of two court case managers who assure accuracy and proper facilitation of your needs. All requests are unique and, as such, are customized to fit your parameters. The success of our courthouse messenger services was built upon our attention to detail, expediting timely retrieval of case files, and delivering on time services. We always provide appropriate updates and follow up in accordance with your exact needs. You need not concern yourself with slow or no follow up as we assure your peace of mind with our real time communications.

When we finalize your courthouse document service request, A.C.E. will return the court file copies or receipt by email or back to the location of your choice. Whether you need certified or plain court generated documents, all retrieved paperwork will be returned via a pdf attached to an email address or by your preferred delivery method.

We accept service requests by email and respond with quotes within ten minutes. All requests, initially, should be in writing so we can properly analyze your needs and provide you with the fairest quote. Before we can activate your service request, we require prepaid payment by credit card, debt card and or paypal only.

Courthouse document messenger services are performed at all courthouses, law firms, corporate and government offices.

You can depend upon our document messengers for delivering, filing and picking up essential documents. We obtain certified copies, obtain docket sheets, pick up, file and or deliver courtesy copies, legal documents, correspondence, letters, and or exhibits from any location, and to or from any courthouse or business office.