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Welcome to the Nationwide Directory of Court Messengers.

Listed Courthouse Messengers can be depended upon for timely filings, document retrieval, copy, and delivery services.

This directory was primarily created for law firms, attorneys, paralegal professionals, settlement companies, paralegals, legal support providers, investigators, real estate professionals, and corporate counsel seeking professional courthouse Messenger and court research services.

You can depend upon any our listed court messengers to assist you with all of your needs. Courthouse Messengers found in this directory are consist of a proud team of messengers, runners, investigators, researchers, copiers and couriers who perform legal support services within the United States. Messengers have diversified experiences and are dedication to client satisfaction.

Courthouse Messengers travel extensively and are equipped to deliver, retrieve, copy, certify, and scan court records or legal documents within a short period of time. All courthouse messenger services are performed with a sense of urgency and to properly facilitate your directives to a successful completion.

All requests are unique and are customized to fit your parameters. The success of our listed courthouse Messengers was built upon their attention to detail, expediting timely services. They will provide updates and follow up in accordance with your exact needs. You need not concern yourself with slow or no follow ups as they assure your peace of mind with real time communications.

All requests for information, services and quotes are provided by email only.

Courthouse messenger services are performed at courthouses, law firms, corporate offices, law enforcement records departments, secretary of state locations and government offices.

You can depend upon any of our listed document messengers to deliver, file, find, research and or pick up important documents from any location. All Messengers obtain certified copies, obtain docket sheets, deliver courtesy copies and handle any type of legal documents, correspondence, letters, and or exhibits. Listed Messengers can be found listed in our directory

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