Welcome to CourthouseNOW.com, an A.C.E., Inc. Legal Support Services Company for Attorneys, and Paralegal professionals. Courthouse NOW is twenty-one years young and is managed by a team of courthouse Messengers, Couriers and Runners who are committed to excellence and success. Courthouse NOW court agents offer you their expertise, experience and the cumulative knowledge of their years of diligence and productive services. The Courthouse NOW team consists of highly knowledgeable legal support court professionals. All court agents are experienced and dependable runners and messengers who are familiar with the entire court ecosystem. Our court messengers retrieve case file copies, deliver courtesy copies, scan docket sheets, obtain copies of complaints and secure certified documents on behalf of clients. Courthouse NOW offers custom fit court messenger services that meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s a simple delivery, a complex case file project, or pickup service, we always take pride in making sure we exceed our clients’ expectations and goals. You can count on Courthouse NOW messengers and runners to follow your directions and to be careful and prompt always. We are very careful how we handle each transaction as we know every step taken by our court messengers and runners is essential to you. Rest assured, we are serious about how we handle your service request, documents and for peace of mind, guarantee results.

When it comes to down to deciding who you should hire to assist you with your important service, trust us. The Courthouse NOW team of messengers and runners offer the best customer service, and pledge to communicate with you regarding the status of your service in a timely manner. Proper completion of your service is our top priority.

Our commitment to privacy, accuracy, technology and compliance is at the highest level in the courthouse case file and legal services industry. Courthouse NOW messengers and runners are leaders at court services because we regulate and manage all aspects of each service we are asked to perform. Our messengers, runners and couriers utilize mobile scanners, email, text messaging, apps, and video and copy machines in their vehicles, homes and offices. All devises are utilized to increase efficiency, save time and lower the cost of on demand retrieval and delivery of court documents.

Courthouse NOW Guarantees on Demand Messenger, Runner and Courthouse Case File Services.

Certified Copies Retrieved

Court Docket Copy and Scanning Service

Expedited Case File Services

Courtesy Copy Delivery to Judge

Pick Up, Deliver Document Services

Rush Court Service

Same Day Court Service

Our courthouse messenger and runner office managers are tested twice annually and attend quarterly compliance and management training seminars. You may not think messengers and runners have much to learn, however, the needs of our clients are always changing as are the laws governing access to court records; thus, requiring special training and continued education. Messenger and court runner managers are performance, compliance and results oriented and are usually in the position of a manager due to their success as a court messenger and runner. Managers at Courthouse NOW have a minimum of ten years’ experience and can answer all your questions. Courthouse NOW messenger and runner managers are experienced to meet all challenges by tapping into their extensive experience handling research, retrieval, copying, scanning and delivery services for many years.

We ONLY accept service requests via email attachments or US mail and or overnight delivery. We accept major credit cards and law firm checks ONLY. For new clients all services are prepaid at the time services are requested. Any Law Office, Corporate Counsel or Corporation seeking to set up a national account is welcome to simply email us and request an account set up form.

Our messenger and runner services are supported by in house Licensed Private Investigator’s and company owners. Most court messenger and runner services are not run by Private Investigators which is one reason to consider us as your on-demand source for all your courthouse needs. Most companies do not have the experience or knowledge our investigators possess.

When you hire Courthouse NOW to assist you, rest assured that the management and overall stability of our business will create a seamless experience for you. We will take away the stress of worrying about your needs by taking over and providing you what you need in a timely manner.