Courthouse Messenger Services FAQ

Where are Courthouse Messenger and Runner Services performed?

Our agents perform courthouse messenger and runner services at courthouses, government buildings, State and Federal Courthouse, Archive locations and Law enforcement records departments

Are Courthouse Messengers and Runners Licensed?

Sometimes yes. Courthouse Messengers and Runners are usually not licensed to perform messenger and runners services but many times are Private Investigators and Process Servers who possess applicable licenses and or business permits

How long does it take for your messengers and runners to obtain files from a Courthouse?

Actually, the timing is entirely up to the policies of the courthouse and the work load of the clerks in the department where we request your file. Our messengers and runners try to finalize all services as quickly as possible.

How fast can your messengers and runners get to a courthouse to retrieve file copies?

Our courthouse messengers and runners are fast, very fast, yet as mentioned above, the actual timing is up to the clerk of the court. To answer your question, our court messengers and runners can be at most locations within 24 hours. If you place your request before 11:00 am an assigned messenger and or a runner may even get to the courthouse the same day!

How do we retain your courthouse Messenger and Runner services?

Real easy! Before you contact us please make sure you have the following information:

1. The name of the parties involved in the lawsuit

2. The case number, Index number or any other numbers such as a book and page.

3. You should determine your required timing as to when you need the retrieval and copies to be delivered by.

4. You should request certified or non-certified copies.

5. You should confirm how you want the file copies returned to you. Your options are as follows: scan and email your file, place file in the US Mail or send back the file via overnight courier.

After you are certain about hiring us and confirmed the above details, please contact us. (David Hyperlink this to our contact page)

We at messengers and runners are here to assist you seven days a week. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please email or call us anytime. We are proud professionals who are eager to assist you and will try our best to make sure your needs are met in a timely manner.